Laptops, Netbooks, Macbooks & Desktops on Finance

Things to Consider

When purchasing a laptop on finance or even without finance, it is vitally important to keep a few things in mind so you can acquire full use of your new device stress free. A small mistake can lead to misery and frustration. Below are a few things to consider when deciding which type of laptop to purchase for your everyday use.

Processor - The processor is the brain of the laptop and its role is to take care of the entire system. Your best bet is to go for a laptop which has Core Duo processor by Intel. As the name implies, this processor can do two processes at once. The only disadvantage is the cost, which is a bit higher when you compare it to laptops with single processors. If you’re doing simple tasks with the laptop, the single core processor laptop will suffice, but for more complex tasks, get a dual core processor laptop.

Hard drive - Another thing that you should take into account is hard drive. The primary purpose of a hard drive is to store your information. But if the drive is of less storage space, then it means that it will get filled soon and this is particularly so if you always store large files. If this happens, you will have to buy an additional drive, hence make decision bearing in mind the question of hard drive capacity.

Ports - External hard drives, USBs and other equipment can only be connected to a laptop through ports. Make sure your laptop has adequate ports. Connecting equipment like digital cameras, printers, keyboards and scanners will be much easier if you have a number of ports at your disposal. If you have any doubts, read the specs of the laptop that you want to purchase.

Warranty - While warranties vary from one laptop to the other, they are important since it is easy to return the device that you have bought should you notice a problem. When purchasing a laptop, you have to know that the common problem will be with screens, particularly those screens that are LCD. Before you purchase a laptop, make that if provides you the best coverage from those parts that are prone to breaking down easily.

Purchasing a laptop is a huge investment decision and therefore it’s not one that you ought to make lightly. If you didn’t know what to consider when buying a laptop, the tips above will help you make an informed decision.

Credit Options

If you are looking to purchase a laptop or desktop computer on credit, there are various options available to you, such as spreading the cost over a prolonged period of time. There are a number of online catalogue companies that offer this service, and you can often choose to pay for the item in weekly, monthly or quarterly instalments until you have paid for the product in full. Another popular finance option is Buy Now Pay Later - where you can choose from various desktop computers and laptops and then pay for the item in full at a later date.

Other advantages to purchasing a computer online include having the item delivered directly to your door - ideal if the product is a gift for a friend or loved one. You will also be able to take advantage of a wide range of different brands and fast shipping, and can converse with a member of staff over the phone or online if you have a query about a product, or just need some additional information. Here are some of the credit options available for laptops and desktops.

Paying for your laptop over time
Paying for a laptop in installments is the best way to turn an expensive purchase into small manageable payments. Depending on the store you're buying from, you can usually choose to pay monthly or weekly. You will be able to choose from some of the world's biggest computer brands when purchasing a desktop computer or laptop online, including Apple, Asus and Packard Bell. Paying for your computer over time may enable you to budget more effectively, and you can even control your finances by logging into your customer account online in many cases.

Once your application has been accepted, most stores will send you a monthly statement outlining your credit balance, any items you have purchased during the last billing period, and your minimum monthly repayment. You can then repay your item over the phone by speaking to a friendly member of staff or online.

Buy Now Pay Later
Buy now pay later allows you to buy your computer now and pay for it in full at a later date, for example in six months, twelve months, or 24 months. In order to do this, you will first need to apply for a new credit account and can do this over the phone or online. Once accepted, you will be able to choose a computer that fits your personal circumstances. These computers are available in different sizes, colours and with different product specifications, so you should be able to find what you need regardless of whether you need it for work, school, or home.

Desktop, Laptop or Tablet?

Laptops and notebooks have become so ubiquitous partly because they are cheap and inexpensive ways to get things done even when outside the home or office. Laptops were the thing to have back in the day, since they were the portable versions of the bulky desktop PC. Desktops, however, held their own against the popularity of ultra portables partly because they were more powerful and could perform far more tasks in any given time than an ordinary laptop. Tablets are the newest addition to the ever growing array of computing devices, with a distinct advantage in that they are thin and light yet can be designed to be as powerful as any laptop today.

Laptops differ from desktops since all the processing power is packed into a thinner and lighter portable unit. While desktops are forever tethered to a desk and a power outlet, laptops are portable so they can be taken anywhere. Granted, laptops can be on the bulky side too, especially those that have built-in optical drives. However, with today's trends focusing on wafer-thin computers with desktop processing speeds, the reasons to choose a desktop over a laptop is getting slimmer by the minute. Desktops, however, tend to be more stable, they have more memory and can perform heavier tasks than most laptops can do.

Tablets and laptops are the main choices for those who prioritize portability over anything else. Tablets now come packed with almost the same processing power as entry level laptops and with the option to attach a keyboard through USB or Bluetooth connections, it is now easier to become productive if you are using either a laptop or a tablet.

All three devices are designed to serve a particular computing demand. Desktops are best for productivity, laptops for portability and tablets for passive consumption of information. Drawbacks can arise depending on a user's specific needs. For example, desktops are not portable so this is a big drawback for someone who wants powerful computing on the go. Laptops may not be as powerful for anyone looking to do some heavy computing, although this is becoming an increasing rarity thanks to new technology that allows desktop processing power to be incorporated into your laptops.

The main drawback with tablets is that there is a bit of a learning curve if you want to be productive just by tapping repeatedly into a screen. You may also run into the problem of incompatible apps, websites and software that cannot be efficiently accessed through a tablet.

Laptops, desktops and tablets have their own strengths and weakness. There is really no better computing device because each device fills a need that the other two cannot. Whether it is serious productivity or portability, laptops, desktops and tablets are definitely the top choices for a productive computing experience at home, school or work.

Best Laptops of 2014

Laptops and desktop computers have become a must for all household users, each of them having its pros and cons. It's more comfortable to play games on a dedicated desktop computer due to the higher processing power and larger standalone monitor, but a laptop provides all the comfort and portability that one needs during travels. With this in mind, there are various computer models worth considering, depending on one's individual needs. Next, we'll present you the top 5 laptops & desktops of 2014.

1. Vibox Apache Package 9 - If you want to play the newest games at high or very high settings while maintaining a smooth framerate, then this desktop PC is all you're ever going to need. It comes complete with the newest 6-core CPU processor from AMD as well as an ultra-fast 2GB video card to fulfil all your multimedia requirements. And if that's not enough, the package also contains a 22" LED monitor, 6 top games bundle pack, Windows 8.1 preinstalled and a dedicated mouse and keyboard from Zalman, which are created specifically to satisfy gamers' needs. If you're looking to purchase a computer that that will keep up with the market for at least the next 4 years, then you should certainly give this one a try.

2. AMD PileDriver FX-6350 - Another desktop computer dedicated to gamers, AMD PileDriver comes complete with a fast 6-core processor, 8GB of DDR3 ram and a dedicated 2GB video card (Nvidia GTX660). This unit also has support for WiFi and USB 3.0, but comes with no additional accessories included. However, the price is also significantly lower when compared to other models. The latest game titles such as Metro 2033 and Battlefield 4 can be run smoothly on at least high level.

3. FX-4170 Gaming / Home PC with Windows 7 - A desktop computer unit that is designed to satisfy both the needs of gamers as well as demanding multimedia users. It comes with Windows 7 preinstalled, a fast quad-core processor from AMD and a 2GB graphics card. Additionally, buyers will rejoice from a 1TB hard-drive which is more than enough for storing a large collection of music, Blu-ray videos and games as well as full support for WiFI and USB 3.0.

4. Asus N550LF-CK108H - The Asus N550LF-CK108H is by no means a slow laptop. It features a high performance Intel i7 processor (clocked at 1.8 GHz), a dedicated Nvidia GeForce 745 video card with 2GB DDR3 memory, 8GB of RAM memory and a stylish metallic case for a premium look and feel. The hard-disk of this model provides enough storage for 1TB of files, being set at 5400rpm (however, a separate hybrid SSD hard-disk can be purchased later on). Additionally, this model features an exclusive SonicMaster technology which comes all music and videos come to life even in the absence of dedicated speakers.

5. Toshiba Satellite C55-A-1N1 - Toshiba has created the Satellite C55-A-1IN1 model for all those who seek to experience the new Windows 8.1 at an affordable price. This model has an excellent configuration for its budget range, featuring a blazing fast Intel i5 processor with TurboBoost technology, 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard-drive. The only thing that it lacks is a dedicated video card, which makes it more difficult for it to run the latest game titles. However, it can successfully play movies and videos of up to 1080p resolution, as well as perform various multi-task activities without freezing up.