HP Envy Reclining 23 inch Touchsmart Desktop PC

Review & Description

The 23inch reclining screen, makes the most of this all-in-one PC. Not only does it stand erect in an upright position if you want to work at your desk, the large diagonal screen also reclines to a nearly flat position, so you can enjoy working from your couch or even your bed comfortably. It reclines to four different positions, so you can comfortably use the keyboard and mouse as needed.

It features more connectivity options than ever. With intuitive WiFi you can send HD content from PC to PC wirelessly. With the built in dual band WiFi, you can get past dead zones and interference where connectivity issues are usually a problem. And, the Bluetooth feature allows for data streaming, movie, gaming, and video streaming quickly and easily.

You can also make the reclining touchscreen your own. With exclusive apps through the HP stay connected store you can simplify access to video, movies, your favourite songs and more, simply by logging in. The fourth generation, i5 processor is also faster, so you can run more apps or programs, without having to worry about overheating or your PC slowing down. With Windows 8, and premier Beats audio, you will experience exceptional sound quality, and easy to use app display, to quickly and easily toggle from one screen to another when working.

You can come very close to your lap, with four different adjustment angles. Eliminate glare when watching movies, or working, and work anywhere comfortably, when you are on this reclining touchscreen monitor. The 10-point touchscreen is just as intuitive as your smartphone. You can tap, touch, slide, or swipe, and it is going to respond to the sensitive touch. A smooth, ultra-reactive screen means you don't have to be too rough, in order to get where you want to go on your PC.

A DVD player, audio receiver, and HDMI port allow you to connect to the TV or other peripherals as well. Without the cumbersome cords, and 5G capabilities, you can connect wirelessly anywhere, and don't have to worry about weak signals. Even the mouse and keyboard are wireless, for a clutter free work space, or you can simply use the touchscreen monitor as your keyboard and mouse.

Lightweight, sleek, intuitive, and quick response, are just some of the features this all in one PC offers. The latest operating system, and a great looking, large touchscreen, are great for work, play, viewing, or streaming. Sure the price is a little higher, but for the all-in-one PC market, it is in line with other models, but offers far more features to owners.


  • Full HD Touchscreen
  • Beats Audio
  • Windows 8.1
  • 23 inch LED display
  • Tilt Action
  • 1 TB Hard Drive
  • 8 GB DDR3
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Includes HD Webcam, Mouse & Keyboard
  • Includes Norton Internet Security