Mobile Phones on Finance

Things to Consider

Today, a mobile phone is a basic necessity. Almost everyone has one. New mobile phone models are entering into the market every day and the availability of so many different handsets makes buying a new mobile phone very confusing. Unless you know exactly what you want, you will be spoilt for choice. Luckily, you can reduce confusion by considering a few factors. The factors that you should consider when buying a mobile phone include;

1. Your budget
Don’t buy any phone that is beyond the budget you had set out. Before doing anything else, check the price of the mobile phone that has caught your eye. It is obvious that phones with many features will be more expensive than phones with fewer features. Also, phones that are using the latest technology will be more expensive than phones that use technologies that have been around for a while. However, when it comes to calling, both the expensive and the less expensive phones provide the same features. Ask yourself whether you are willing to spend more money to get a mobile phone with better design and features.

2. The functionality of the mobile phone
There are some mobile phones that are highly functional and have a small, sleek design. There are others that are larger, have straight forward features and have easy to use buttons. Which of these two types are you comfortable with? Do you want a large phone, a small phone, an easy to use phone or a phone with QWERTY keyboard? Make sure that the functionality of the phone suits you before you make a payment.

3. The features of the phone
What features do you want your new mobile phone to have? Most of today’s mobiles have an built-in camera, Bluetooth capabilities, touch screen technology etc. The phone that you buy should have all the features that you think are important to you. There are phones with only a few features while there are others with lots of features. There are some phone features that you don’t need hence it will be unwise to pay for them. When you know exactly what you need, you will be able to save money.

These factors will help you find the phone you need. Keep them in mind when you want to buy a mobile phone online.

Credit Options

Buying a mobile phone on finance is a great alternative to a monthly phone contract especially if you've been refused by a mobile phone network already. Many online retailers let you buy a handset today and then pay for it at a later date. You may also be able to spread the cost of the item, and make repayments on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. There are a wide range of phones available to choose from, including smart phones manufactured by some of the world's biggest brands such as HTC, Nokia, Apple and Samsung.

Other benefits when ordering online and on credit include having your new phone sent directly to your door - ideal if you need the item as a gift for a friend or family member - as well as access to an online account where you will be able to control your finances and budget more effectively. Here are some of the online credit options available for mobile phones.

Credit options for mobile phones
You will need to apply for a new credit account with an online retailer by providing some personal details, such as your name, address and contact details. In order to process your new application, the company may ask for some further details such as a copy of a bank statement or utility bill for identity purposes. Depending on the company you may be able to fax or email these documents to save time. Once you have been accepted for your credit account, you will be notified about your credit balance and will then receive a monthly statement outlining any purchases you have made since the last billing period, and the minimum repayment you will need to make each period.

Making repayments
There are various ways you can make repayments for a new phone you have purchased, although these will depend on the online retailer you have chosen. Some of the most common ways to pay include contacting the company directly to make payment over the phone, or logging into your online account on the company's website to make payment. If the retailer has a presence on the UK high street, you may also be able to make repayments by visiting the local branch in your nearest town or city.

Buy Now Pay Later
Another credit option when purchasing a new phone is to buy now and pay later, where you will be able to choose a mobile phone and then pay for the item at a later date, for example in six months or a year.

Phone on Finance or Monthly Contract?

There are a number of factors you will need to consider when purchasing a new mobile phone, including deciding whether to buy a new handset on finance, or taking out a new phone contract. Ordering a phone on credit will enable you to spread the cost of the item over a set period of time, allowing you to budget more effectively and control your finances.

This is similar to taking out a phone contract, but you may find that your credit application is more likely to be accepted - especially if you have bad credit. You may also be eligible for Buy Now Pay Later, where you can purchase a phone of your choice and then pay for it in full at a later date, for example in three, six, or twelve months time. Here are some things to consider when considering taking out a monthly phone contract vs buying a mobile phone on finance.

Monthly phone contract
A monthly phone contract has a number of benefits if you are looking to purchase a new phone. As well as receiving a new handset, you will be able to sign up to one of many phone packages, many of which offer free calls or texts every month. You will receive a monthly bill from the company detailing any call charges made outside your monthly allowance. The problem that some people will find with these contracts is that you have to undergo a credit check and many people find themselves being refused because of their poor or bad credit rating. Buying a phone on finance may be an alternative.

Buying a phone on finance
Just like when taking out a monthly phone contract, there are a number of options available to you, including phones manufactured by the world's biggest companies. You will be able to choose a handset from brands such as Sony, HTC, Samsung or Nokia, and can choose from the latest smartphones with the best new features. Many online retailers will enable you to pay for your handset over a period of time if you are accepted for a credit account, and this can have a number of benefits for you as a consumer.

You will receive a monthly statement detailing any items you have purchased, your credit limit, and the minimum payment you will need to make. There are a number of flexible ways you can make your repayments including via the phone or by logging into your online account on the company's website. Some online retailers even have stores on the high street, so you will be able to make a payment the next time you go shopping. Other credit options include Buy Now Pay Later, where you will be able to pay for your phone in full at a later date.

Getting accepted for a monthly phone contract with the handset can, in a lot of cases, be more difficult than just buying a phone on finance. But with a phone on finance, you would still need a sim card. Luckily, that's the easy part. Getting a "sim-only" monthly contract is almost a guarantee as there is minimal risk for the network, or you can simply choose to get a pay as you go sim card.

Best Mobile Phones of 2014

In 2014, an assembly of phone geeks recently took place in Barcelona, Spain. The event called the “Mobile-World Congress 2014,” revealed a group of mobile phones predicated to take the mobile world by storm. Here are five of the best mobile phones for 2014 from the show, in no particular order.


Samsung Galaxy S5 - The Galaxy S5 is a bit more slender than the more rounded Galaxy S4. However, Samsung stays with the tangible Home button and once more shuns the shift to software buttons. Though it is not outstandingly breathtaking appearance wise, the inner workings of the S5 are more than adequate, with state-of-the-art Snapdragon-801 processor managing the show and supported by 2GB of RAM.


YotaPhone 2 - This newbie probably won’t be out until late 2014. The YotaPhone’s appearance at the MWC 2014 show was more as a “conceptual device.” However, rumour has it that it’s an incredible phone waiting to happen. The concept rests on sticking a low-powered e-paper display resulting in a full touch screen. This indicates that various key-phone functions can be performed through an extremely better capable e-paper screen, which means the battery life will be awesome when utilizing the always on-screen by itself for notifications.


LG G Pro 2 - LG’s well designed 5.9” hit was one of the best at the MWC 2014 exhibition, with the phablet gadget and its superbly designed screen revealing the real reason why clever software features are designed. The hardware is as remarkable as it gets, with the G-Pro 2 running on a more than adequate Snapdragon 800-processor with 3GB of RAM, together with 13-mega pixel camera. It’s great!


Sony Xperia Z2 - Sony’s huge new-fangled flagship for 2014 is the Xperia Z2, with a lot of power built into a frame only 8.2mm wide. It’s a teeny-bit larger than the 2013 Z1 slab, with the Z2 providing a 5.2” display that functions at full-HD resolution of 1920x1080. More than ever, Sony is utilizing the Z2 to persuade punters to enhance their home TVs, with the phone’s 20.7 mega pixel camera capable of capturing 4K video at the amazing apex of 3840x2160 resolution.


Huawei Ascend G6 - The biggest selling-point of the Ascend G6 is its five mega pixel wide angled front-facing camera. The rear-camera is an eight-mega pixel component produced by Sony that doesn’t disappoint either. It’s a beautifully designed device that offers everything a user needs in just the right amounts. On merely a 4.5” IPS-screen, the resolution will not make consumers over excited; however, Huawei compensates with a decent price, great functions, and a quality product. It works just fine for a slim 4G phone.