Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1

Review & Description

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a range of tablet devices from the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, Samsung. Released in 2010, the first Tab was launched as a competitor for the iPad. The most recent iteration, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, is an updated version to the line, and is now available at a very reasonable price of less than £120 for the 7” version if you shop around. However, it is showing a few signs of aging, with a modest processor and a design that may best be described as retro or old school.

The Tab 3 is an improvement over its predecessors, offering a 1.2GHz dual core processor, but this is outdone by many tablets on the market now. It is true that you would be hard pressed to find a tablet for the same price, but just a little extra would secure a faster and more powerful device.

Another potential pitfall is the screen resolution. The 7” display has a resolution of 1024 x 600, which equates to 169ppi. Not only does this mean that games and videos suffer with a grainy look, but even text and web pages suffer with similar problems. The images are serviceable in most cases, but do you really want serviceable from a piece of tech like a tablet?

You do have the choice of either a 16GB or 32GB model, and where some of the Tab’s competitors do not offer upgradeable or expandable memory, this isn’t true of the Samsung device. You can add an additional 64GB via the microSD card slot that is included in the tablet, and this is a welcome addition that should not be overlooked.

Tablet photography is not everybody’s cup of tea, but if you’re buying a device that has a camera then you want something reasonable. The rear facing camera on the Tab is a rather measly 3.2MP and there’s no flash to help ensure better quality pictures in moderate lighting either.

There are a couple of positive points, and these come from the device’s software. The user interface that is overlaid on top of the Android operating system is powerful but easy to use. It can be easily customised to meet your needs, and the same praise can also be lavished on the camera software, if you can bring yourself to use it.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab was released towards the end of 2013, and its low specs mean that it wasn’t a popular tablet choice even when it was released. This does mean, however, that the device is available at a budget price, and you are buying a Samsung; a Samsung that has intuitive software too.


  • 10.1 inch HD Display
  • Android 4.2 & Intel™ Z2560 Processor
  • 16GB Storage
  • 1GB RAM
  • 3MP Rear Camera / 1.3MP Front Camera
  • 510g weight and 8.7mm in thickness
  • Multi User Mode Function
  • Includes Norton Antivirus