Toshiba Smart 55 inch 3D LED TV

Review & Description

The Toshiba 55-inch Premium Smart 3D LED TV provides the best of big screen Full HD 1080 resolution entertainment, sleek and classy looks, dazzling 3D visuals as well as fast action gaming. It has a built-in Smart TV innovation and a timer feature. All this is encased in the Aero bezel-less design that includes edge-to-edge glass ensuring clean and modern look.

Main talking points
• Sound performance - This Toshiba Smart TV bellows with superb sound supported by the Audyssey Premium Television suite+. In order to provide consistent sound levels in TV programs, movies and commercials, it has Audyssey Dynamic Volume.

To ensure that speakers get twice louder without any hint of distortion as well as to make your movies and music sound rich and clear, it has Audyssey Volume Extension feature. It also has Day and Night Modes that help maintain perfect volumes for day and night listening. The audio levels are kept at the right setting automatically by Wall and Table Modes depending on whether the HDTV is put on a table stand or mounted on a wall.

• Smart television performance - It has a great Smart TV performance. However, its app selection is quite limited. Also, while it has simple navigation, it does not have good calendar, browser or message apps. If you buy it, make use of app interface on other devices like Roku box, Blu-ray player or Google TV.

• 3D performance - It has passive 3D, which, according to experience, works better. Passive is preferred because of lack of flicker and superior brightness. Also, it does not have crosstalk and does not require expensive glasses that need recharging or batteries. As to popular assertion claiming that passive 3D tends to cut resolution, I think this is mere mumbo-jumbo that does not hold any water.

• Setup - Owing to its quick and easy-to-navigate user interface, it is very easy to access the set menu as well as picture controls. You will see the importance of ease of use when setting up Spyder4TV HD colorimeter for verification of brightness and colour as well as contrast settings.

• Picture performance - The Toshiba 55-inch Premium Smart TV produces full range of blacks and whites without clipping. Adjusted properly, this smart TV is capable of producing impressive brightness and excellent contrast. It performs well especially with regard to colour.

• Excellent brightness
• Attractive design and unbeatable price
• Great remote control
• Superior colour

• Limited choices of internet apps
• Highly reflective screen
• Edge-light bleeding coming from the corners

Toshiba 55-inch Premium Smart 3D LED TV might be lacking some features best TVs have but there is no question about its picture performance, which matches the best TV models in the market. Colour production and brightness are its strongest attributes while its weak points are limited app selection and edge bleeding. Overall though, it offers strong value for money.


  • CEVO Picture Technology & Audio bass enhancement
  • Ultra Bright Display (700cd/m)
  • Local dimming backlight control
  • Auto-Record and USB recording
  • Full HD 1080p & Freeview HD and Built in WiFi
  • Passive 3D with 4 x Pairs of Glasses included
  • AMR+ 1500 & Dual Core processor
  • 4x HDMI + PC, SCART & USB
  • Smart TV Cloud - Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Web, browser & more