LCD, LED, Plasma & 3D TV's on Finance

Things to Consider

There are many options when it comes to buying a TV, from the size of the screen to the question of whether you want a 3D enabled set or not. While the competition is great news for consumers, ensuring that you can find the ideal set and encouraging price competition between manufacturers, it can also feel overwhelming when you are looking to buy a new TV set.

Size Matters
Size is important. A TV that is too small can easily become lost in a room, and if you’re unfortunate enough to be sat too far away, you will strain to see the picture. However, it’s also important not to get carried away choosing too large a set. As a rough guide, you should consider the following size set according to the distance you will be sat from the screen:

5ft viewing distance – 22” screen
7ft viewing distance – 32” screen
10ft viewing distance – 42” screen
12ft viewing distance – 52” screen

Resolution Means Clarity
When combined with the size of the set, resolution is extremely important. The majority of new TVs are full HD, and buying this type of device will enable you to enjoy the very latest and best looking content. However, TV technology does not stand still for long, and the latest generation of high-end sets include those that offer 4K or Ultra-HD resolution.

These 4K sets are extremely pricey, difficult to get hold of, and there is very little content available in any format that can be enjoyed in 4K. However, that may well change in the future, so you should consider whether you want to get ahead of the game, or whether you believe that the 4K format will struggle in the same way as 3D.

Smart TVs
A Smart TV enables you to access Internet TV, play games, and even download apps to your set in some cases. However, buying a Smart TV can also add pounds to the final price, so if you won’t use this feature, then you should exclude it from your list of requirements. Similarly, while most sets include 3D capabilities, the amount of 3D content that is available is still limited and there simply hasn’t been the uptake that manufacturers and publishers were hoping for, so unless you are really determined to watch 3D content, you can avoid looking specifically for 3D devices.

Budget And Finance
Budget is obviously very important when buying any item, but consider that an Ofcom survey in 2013 stated that Britons spend an average of four hours watching TV every single day, and the importance of a good TV should be obvious. Buying online enables you to enjoy access to some of the best prices, and it is possible to buy TVs using credit accounts, interest free deals, and with regular scheduled repayments to help ensure that you can afford exactly the set that you want.

Credit Options

Several online retailers allow you the opportunity to purchase a new television on credit, and you will be able to pay for the item in instalments over a period of time, or pay for the TV in full at a later date. There are a wide range of televisions to choose from, including high definition TVs, 3D TVs, plasmas, and LCD televisions. These companies offer televisions from some of the world's biggest electrical brands, including Samsung, Panasonic and Sony. Here are some of the online credit options available for TV's.

Pay for the television in instalments
Spreading the cost of your new television over time and paying for the item in instalments can be a great way to budget effectively. You will be able to control your finances by paying for the item every week, month, or quarter - either by telephone or by logging into your online account on the company's website. Most companies send a monthly statement which will detail any purchases that you have made during the billing period, as well as your credit balance and the minimum repayment that you will need to make.

Applying for a new account is straight-forward, although you may have to provide some additional documents in order to verify your identity, for example a passport, utility bill or bank statement. Some companies that have a presence on the UK high street will enable you to apply for a new credit account and make your repayments by visiting one of their stores, and may have a branch located in your nearest town or city. Several companies allow you to pay monthly or weekly on tv's, including Littlewoods, Look Again and Dial a TV, once you've passed their credit and affordability checks. You will be able to choose televisions sets of different sizes, including smaller televisions for a child's bedroom.

Buy Now Pay Later
You may also be able to pay for your purchase in full at a later date, for example in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months. Companies that offer this service have a wide range of televisions to choose from, and you will be able to have the item delivered directly to your door - ideal if you need the television as soon as possible, or are purchasing the item to give as a gift to a friend or loved one. You will also be able to contact a member of staff if you have a query about your credit account, or just need some additional information about the specifications of the product.

LCD, LED or Plasma TV's

When purchasing a new TV set, consumers typically have the option of: LED, LCD, or Plasma. Today, the LCD has become somewhat obsolete, because the LED is a form of the LCD, with more enhanced features and viewing capabilities. Yet, each set has its benefits, and each set provides viewers with different options to consider when trying to select the right set.

LCD - Basically, an LCD screen is a laptop screen that is enlarged. It uses liquid crystals images, and compact fluorescent produces the light. A back light means some light is always being projected, washing out black and darker colours. Over time, back lights age, and you will notice one side of the screen is brighter than the other. Issues come to play with faster viewing (such as sports or fast paced movies), which blurred at faster rates. These sets are the lower end, of HDTV viewing.

Plasma - Ionized gases and electrical fields are used to produce the image in these sets; they were the first real transition in to HDTV. For fast action packed viewing, and sports, this set has a great advantage, as it doesn't blur like other sets. Richer contrast is visible with blacks and dark colours, via self-lighting pixels. The main disadvantage is these sets are the least energy efficient market; today, they have become the top choice for larger sets (60'' plus), but are no longer a top option for smaller sets (24 to 40'').

LED - This is basically an LCD, with pinhole sized light emitting diodes which are behind the screen. One to nine unique LED lights are found behind each pixel (depending on the manufacturer), and you can adjust the brightness for each. This means a clearer, brighter image, better contrast ratios for light and dark, and less blur with quick paced viewing or sports. In today's market, LED sets are the top choice, and are the sets which are most often purchased by consumers.

Although LED sets are pricier, they have better visual quality, lighting, and resolution, making them a top choice for consumers. For those who want a larger set, at an affordable price, plasma has become the go to option. And, although LCD is still in the market, fewer and fewer manufacturers are producing them, and turning to an LED format. LED is not only the most energy efficient model, but also produces the best image quality and resolution. For those who are looking for a set that will outlast the others, with excellent viewing capabilities, LED is the leading option to consider.

Best TV's of 2014

TV technology has evolved remarkably over the last two decades all thanks to new discoveries in various science and technology spheres. Every year, new inventions are introduced into the market – some are excellent and some superb to say the least. Here now is a quick review of the top 5 TV's of 2014.


LG Smart TV
No doubt, LG’s webOS operating system is a cut above the rest. It is easily the most sophisticated smart TV platform in the market currently. In contrast to other brand’s approach, LG seems to be approaching TV software with a focus on improving user experience by providing "so much freedom".

  • Simple set up process (animated character BeanBird is there to walk the user through the set-up process)
  • Allows one to watch TV, play a game or browse the internet simultaneously.
  • Easy access to most downloaded items and latest games.


Toshiba Cloud TV
Talk of an intuitive user interface combined with an incredible variety of entertainment sources. Toshiba Cloud TV is truly designed to revolutionize the home entertainment industry. The Cloud series is available in L4, L6, L7, L9, M6, M8 and M9 MODELS. Features:

  • Excellent mediaguide approach to listings browsing.
  • Highly effective recommendations system.
  • Innovative multi-hub interface approach.


Samsung Smart Hub
The new Smart hub line of TVs from Samsung has brought with it a myriad of surprises and wonders. Not only does it boast a highly intuitive user interface but in our opinion is the industry leader in innovation and creativity. Some of its awe-inspiring features include:

  • Social section that allows you to share what you’re watching on social media.
  • Excellent apps like Amazon instant, Hulu, Netflix and Spotify.
  • Remote has an inbuilt microphone that allows you to send voice commands to your TV.


Panasonic Smart Viera
Another popular brand that features in our list of top 5 TVs of 2014 is the VIERA. Elegance, immersive picture quality and unbelievable usability are just but a few of the adjectives that can be used to describe this sleek machine. Features:

  • Well-built with stable infrastructure.
  • Well designed hardware accessories.
  • Superb gaming experience.


Sony Entertainment Network (SEN)
No doubt, the Sony Entertainment Network TV is more than meets the eye. It comes with a variety of features that enable you to browse through your favourite social media platforms, listen to your favourite music and catch up with your favourite TV program. Besides that, it allows you to add your own songs, videos and pictures so you can access them, when you need them. Features:

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Seamless integration with Sony services.
  • High quality display of video content.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the best innovations in the TV industry in 2014. There are many other models that would have deserved to be featured as part of the top 5 TVs of 2014. However, the 5 examples we’ve shared with you above are the very best there is in the world today.